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Super Bowl: Summing Up

By admin Published: February 6, 2011

Not a good year for commercials. The best spot was the one for "House." Lost track of crotch hits and other slapstick, but saw a lot of effects that didn't add up to much. Surprised to see Eminem doubled up. And Spielberg, come to think of it. Was not offended by the Groupon ad, as many apparently were; saw it as more of a mocking of self-important celebs and their causes than a slam at Tibet.

I did enjoy the halftime show (even if many others did not). Lively, excessive, kind of silly, and I liked all that. Certainly better than a year ago.

Missed what appears to be the gaffe of the night: Christina Aguilera botching part of the National Anthem. Thought it was a great vocal until the very end, where she pushed too hard. But if you muff the words, you will live forever in YouTube hell.

Any game that's still in doubt with two minutes to play is a decent one to watch, and this had its moments. Regular readers know I'm a Steelers guy, but I can only praise the Packers. They were ready for everything the Steelers had; their defense was superb for the most part, and Rodgers moved into the QB elite.

For my in-game comments, join me on Twitter.

And now waiting for "Glee."

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