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By RD Heldenfels Published: February 16, 2006

I'd like to think that, if his tribe had lost immunity, Shane would be gone by now. Or will be as soon as he ends up in another tribal council. He is actually managing to destroy his own alliance through his manic behavior.

Fortunately for Shane, he didn't face an elimination vote this week. Instead, Misty's alliance-building efforts came to naught, and she went out on a 5-2 vote. She didn't seem like the best choice for elimination -- Ruth Marie, who got the other two votes, was -- but once again we heard a lot of talk about who is a threat when the merge comes, and Misty just seemed more dangerous.

Once again, I have to feel that people overthink in the early going, looking ahead to individual challenges when they should be focused on who will serve them best in competitions between two tribes. Ruth Marie seemed far less able than Misty on that score.

But maybe it's just that people were tired of looking at Misty's rash. As bad as it seemed on TV, it must have appeared much worse in real life. And who would be happy about a flirtatious back-rub from someone with welts all over her hands?

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