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By RD Heldenfels Published: March 9, 2006

Shane and the rest of the Casaya gang are looking more and more like the Oakland A's of the '70s. They fight and bicker and seem to hate each other -- and then go out and win championships, or at least challenges, like tonight's, which was a nasty one. On the line was reward, immunity and a chance to send someone from the other tribe to Exile Island -- where this time they would be out of tribal council and so free from ouster. So not only did the winning tribe get to send the losing tribe to council, it also got to protect a big loser from extinction.

La Mina should be as rough as Terry and the Pirates. Instead, they're more like Terry cloth. Another challenge lost. Casaya picked Sally for exile, so La Mina had to get rid of one of the guys. And rail-thin Dan the Astronaut was sent home. Before he went -- in fact, before the challenge -- he impressed the others with tales of his travels into space. I don't think that was the best idea.

Sure, he was a big flop at puzzle-solving in the challenge and that pretty much assured his end. But you don't want the others to think you have already had great success in life, so why should you get a million bucks, too? Sort of like not telling them you were an NFL quarterback.

Still, Dan's end was one of the most polite vote-offs I have ever seen. He knew he was out before the vote, he figured it was a reasonable decision and he went. Shane and his crowd would be spitting at each other. There's a lesson there, I fear.

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