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By RD Heldenfels Published: April 20, 2006

Well, Bruce's stomach pain took him out of the game (although Probst's mention of whether Bruce could return for the jury was a nifty little tease. If he didn't return, you'd have a even-numbered jury. What would the show come up with to settle a tie vote?) And I was puzzled about why Cirie was so worried about alienating Shane; if her sharing of reward brought her votes from Aras and Danielle, she was in as good a position as Cirie-Shane-Aras, and if she flipped one more vote, she had a majority for the final four without Shane.

Not much else to say. ''Survivor'' was the only show I managed to sit through with any concentration today. Had a bad cold and stayed home. Under those circumstances, it would have been nice to catch up on DVR'ed shows of recent vintage. But my head was so stuffy, I couldn't watch anything that required real concentration. What time I spent with the TV on was more staring than watching.

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