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By admin Published: May 1, 2008


Jeff Probst said it best ...

"You guys are perfecting the art of the blindside." Only this time it was a minority bloc that used it. And I was going "Yes!" when it happened.

Two players went out tonight. James was finally taken out because of the injury to his finger, although he got to stay on the jury.

But the big fun came when Amanda, sent to Exile Island, found the third hidden immunity idol but kept it secret from all the other players, except for telling Parvati that she knew where it was hidden. (I wouldn't tell Parvati squat. But she and Parvati actually seem to have a trusting relationship. Well, as long as it suits Parvati anyway.) Amanda then almost perfectly played the other people -- although the bag emptying was a little too much -- to the point that even Erik, who had won the immunity challenge, was willing to sell her out. So the Tribal Council was four votes for Amanda, none of which counted, and two for Alexis, who was dealing with her own injury and may not have lasted much longer, since any physical challenge would be beyond her; but she was a long-term threat because she had no obvious enemies on the jury.

Speaking of the jury, I was surprised how much discussion there was of jury votes considering how many people were still in the game. Talk about getting ahead of yourself.

At the same time, though, I don't know who was happier about Amanda's play -- Amanda/Parvati or the jury. Not only did Ozzy and Jason see someone actually PLAY an immunity idol, they got to see it turned against the alliance that had taken both of them down.

Big fun. In fact, in terms of entertainment if not tactics, this has turned out to be a really enjoyable season so far.

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