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By admin Published: April 16, 2009

The best episodes of "Survivor" usually involve one of two moments in Tribal Council. One involves an amazing blindside which we have watched being set up, complete with clips of the blindsided one smugly declaring his/her brilliance just before the fire gets snuffed. I hoped for a long time that tonight was one of those. Instead, it was the other kind of good "Survivor," where the scheming is so complicated and the alliances so uncertain that we watch Tribal Council with no idea who has the upper hand, and therefore a sense of surprise no matter how it turns out. ...

On the first point, I hoped ardently that someone was going to take Coach's insane tales and intolerable references to slaying the dragon and make him eat them. His buddy Tyson is an even worse personality, not least because he is such a Coach wannabe, but I would like to see the end of Coach even more because then we would have to see how Tyson would cope without his mentor.

But we don't get what we want. As they say over at "CSI," we are but sock-puppets on the hand of God. So it was Brendan who, in spite of creating some marvelous schemes, went down tonight and Coach and Tyson got to be smug, and we will have to listen for another work to Coach's explanations of how we are all his sock puppets. It is still my hope that this is just prelude to a magnificent blindside -- that J.T. is in fact as smart as he appears to be (and right now he has to be considered a favorite to win the whole thing), and Coach is going to end up saying, "Et tu, J.T.?" Or that the group banded together in Coach's plan consists of a lot of people hiding in the weeds, waiting for Coach and Tyson to be completely blinded by their own arrogance.

In any case, tonight was a good show. Maybe not with a happy ending, but really enjoyable along the way.

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