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"Survivor: China"

By admin Published: October 4, 2007

When the Indians took the lead in the second, and then actually held it for a bit, I began to feel secure enough to channel-hop. Or at least to channel-hop while having a running score on my laptop. Last I looked, Indians led, 9-3. So let's talk "Survivor" tonight, with spoilers, after the jump ...

You know those boys/Don't want to play no more with you ...

I'm not crazy about the "Sister Christian" references to the now-ousted Leslie, because I don't like mockery of any faith. That said, she was annoying and gullible, and her profession of a strong bond to her co-religionists in the other tribe was a terrible error in a game where strategy so often involves shifting alliances and keeping your ideas to yourself. Plus, her suggestion that the other side had more heart that the other tribe did not lead off the immunity challenge with an underfed Skinny Minnie incapable of cutting a rope.

That said, it was still amazing that Tribal Council came down to Jean-Robert vs. Leslie, when Courtney was a thorough liability -- even more so when whatever alliance she thought she had was incapable of standing solidly behind Leslie. And I have no patience with thinking like that of Todd, looking far past the current situation toward people he might have to compete against post-merge. Does no one remember that "Survivor" included the wipe-out of almost an entire tribe, leaving its sole remaining member with no support system for the rest of the game? The first thing you do is retain immunity as long as possible, so you have numbers going into the merge; then you worry about picking off individual threats.

And where Leslie was not much of an asset -- her performance in reward wrestling consisted of modest shoving, falling down and rolling into the water as soon as discretion allowed -- she at least had more muscle than that Twiggy wannabe who's still around, and still capable of bringing down her tribe.

But the Indians still lead 9-3.

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