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"Survivor": Conspiratus Interruptus

By admin Published: April 10, 2009
Day 20 from Survivor: Tocantins Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS �2008 CBS BROADCASTING INC. All Rights Reserved.

Some folks got a leg up. And an ugly leg it was:

Notes and spoilers after the jump.

Even a week ago, Joe's leg was not looking good. In the heat and damp of a "Survivor" setting, a nasty infection is sure to spread unless medical assistance is provided;moreover, the show has been quite aggressive about dealing with hurt contestants in recent seasons. All of which added up to a virtual certainty that Joe would be going home and there would be no tribal council.

But the show, obligated to fill an hour, let us see all the conspiring, scheming, double-crossing and delusion (I mean, how can Coach consider himself a mastermind while effectively doing nothing?). And then how the various alliances, having prepared for council, were left hanging. Mildly interesting, I suppose, at least if it has implications next week because everyone gets a scheming do-over. But for too long, the bride and I sat there saying, "Joe is going home! There's not going to be tribal council!" And still we kept watching. Of course, I would hate to miss the moment when Coach got his comeuppance. It's the hope for that moment that keeps me wanting to tune in.

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