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"Survivor": Dumb and Dumber

By admin Published: April 23, 2010

Notes on what continues to be the best "Survivor" season ever, after the jump.

Wow. Just wow. Wow that Parvati doubled down Russell's give-up-the-idol-at-tribal-council strategy and made it work. Wow that J.T. proved to be such an idiot about Russell. Wow that Russell -- who a week ago was yapping about how you never give an immunity idol to an enemy -- actually thought he could trust Parvati enough to give her one. Which, of course, gave her two.

On the who's dumb and who dumber question, the "dumber" has to go to J.T. because he had two brain farts in a row: the giving of the idol to Russell and then his persistent trusting of Russell.

But Russell right now is like Poland, caught between two big powers -- the heroes alliance he has now alienated and whichever force Parvati can hold onto. Of course, it benefits Parvati and anyone else to keep Russell around until the jury, on the assumption that he would lose to anyone, but weird things happen with the juries, especially if Russell has somehow managed to survive.

Some questions:

Why did Candice give up in the immunity challenge? If she had won, and she looked as if she could have kept going, it would have put three villains at risk.

Is Parvati really smart, or just taking advantage of other people's stupidity? The Danielle move in the immunity challenge meant that she had enough idols to protect the other people likely in jeopardy, so she must have been thinking steps ahead. On the other hand, she has now given up both immunity idols -- and if she thinks Sandra or Jerri will feel beholden to her, then she's not thinking "Survivor." Debts from one tribal council are wiped out as soon as there's another council vote.

Is Colby a big loser at this point or what? Quit in the immunity challenge, showing no tactical insight -- he's just not in the game. He's kind of the heroes' Danielle.

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