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"Survivor": Eat It and Smile ...

By admin Published: April 9, 2010
DAY 19 from SURVIVOR: HEROES V VILLIANS Photo: Robert Voets(c)2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

A couple of cases of putting the dagger into the swagger last night. ...

One, of course, was the Villains expecting a merge that did not happen, and then getting the cockiness knocked into a cocked hat by consecutive losses for reward and immunity. With no Rob around for Russell to focus his hostility on, Sandra was able to twist Russell's anger toward Coach, at least briefly. And Coach, coming off his stupid vote in the Rob coup, had plenty to regret anyway.

But I really wanted to see more of the moments after Tribal Council, since Russell -- always convinced that he is running the show -- found himself in the minority of the ouster vote, with four of the women uniting to take out Coach.
What's weird about that move, though, is that it may benefit Russell in the long run since it adds to the speculation that there's a women's alliance running the Villains -- and gives Russell a chance to play the victim when the merge does happen. If he lasts that long.

Of course, the Heroes, even if they are winning, have issues, too. JT's grabbing the immunity idol was certainly a me-first move in the middle of that supposed unity, and no one should trust JT to use that idol to anyone's benefit other than this own. Colby still has a target on his back, considering his lousy performance in the reward challenge, which does not bode well for him when, post-merge, individual immunity is crucial.

At this point, I would be most afraid of Sandra, since she's stepping up her game, and Parvati, who somehow avoids trouble while being about as gleefully evil as Russell. Overall, too, the entertainment value remains high even with the departure of Boston Rob. And I am eager to hear Coach's remarks when it's jury time. (And what will he do if the final two are both Villains? Throw away another vote?)

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