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"Survivor": Fans Vs. Favorites

By admin Published: February 7, 2008

A most excellent start tonight, as explained with spoilers after the jump. ...

In the latter stages of tonight's season premiere of "Survivor," I had captioned this photo of Jonny Fairplay with a question about whether anyone should trust this guy.

And the answer is, no one did. And Fairplay is the first one booted from "Survivor," and on a 9-1 vote no less. (The 1 vote that Fairplay didn't get was his own.)

Fairplay is the best-known of the faves on this "Survivor," so well known that when the faves were introduced to the fans, Fairplay was saved for last.

He's also one of the most hated "Survivor" players ever, not only because of the dead-grandma stunt but because of everything he has said and done since.

Still, tonight had a puzzling situation where two different alliances within the faves tribe were turning to Fairplay as a swing vote. This was even more confusing because Cirie was also available, and is certainly more trustworthy.

But, even though Fairplay repeatedly insisted that he was sincere, his plea to go home to be with his pregnant girlfriend sounded like a scam. I still think it was. But I also think that those two alliances were not using him as a swing vote but setting him up for immediate removal.

Oh, the show made it look as if everyone was granting his wish to go home. I don't buy that either. So many votes? That was a plan, and an entertaining one for starting the season.

Could be very interesting. The faves know each other's game very well, it appears, and that makes their calculations pretty complicated. And the fans have some intriguing personalities, even if I can't believe Kathleen is as insanely naive as she appeared in the first show. (Her bio suggests, if not worldliness, then at least some experience.) At the same time, the fans are pumped for the game, and rolled through the first challenge, so they've done more than watch the show; they have a sense of how things work. I'm psyched.

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