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"Survivor" Finale

By admin Published: May 13, 2007

Notes after the jump ...

(If you want to skip the more detailed recap, Earl won on a 9-0 vote.)

Needing immunity, Yau-Man won a blindfold/maze/drawbridge challenge. So he's guaranteed a spot in the final four. And Earl has the other idol, so he's safe. Boo and Dreamz put up a fight in the challenge, while Cassandra was inept. Which seems to be helping her, since the discussion of voting out someone is focusing on Dreamz and Boo, who are much stronger competitors.

Tribal council focuses on keeping your word and who might get sympathy votes from the jury.

Last chance for the hidden immunity idol: Earl, seemingly in no danger, still plays it.

Boo is voted out. Runs from tribal council. Wants to get a shower and shave? In his farewell comments praises Yau as a competitor and wonders if Dreamz will keep his word. Vote was 4-1 against Boo.

Parade of fallen contestants. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Endurance immunity challenge. Lying on an angled plank with water streaming down it, and with the angle made worse every 5 minutes. This is the last challenge. The top three are going to the jury.

Angle increased three times. Cassandra goes out first. Not exactly a surprise. Angle increased for the fourth time. Earl goes out next. Yau-Man goes. Dreamz wins immunity. Now will he give it up?

What a mess. Cassandra so doesn't deserve to go to the jury, and she's going. Yau asks Dreamz at least not to vote for him if he goes back on the idol promise. Dreamz recalls taking out "a whole alliance" to get the championship. Says he'll keep thinking about his kid -- but sure seems to be leaning toward keeping immunity. "$1,000,000 or keeping my word."

Boo looks cleaned up but kept the beard. Jeff says the jury knows they will vote among three.

Dreamz is saying this is a game of lying but he's also thinking of his "humanity side." And he still wants the truck. But thinks he'll go to the jury if he gives up immunity. Yau says he thinks Dreamz will live up to his word. Dreamz is wondering now about the three-to-the-jury. Yau says, "Whatever you do, you'll have to live with it."

Immunity time. Dreamz keeps the necklace.

Yau-Man is voted off. Great player in a lot of ways, but trusted the wrong guy in the end.

In the final comments, Yau also notes that Earl voted against him. (3-1 vote.)

After council, Earl thinks the jury is going to rip him for turning on Yau. Dreamz is convinced the jury will rip him. Cassandra mumbles. Dreamz justifies his action in a game involving "snakes, rats, weasels." Then they enjoy a big food drop, and do the usual camp destruction.

Comments to jury. Earl notes that he never got a vote, and he never won immunity, that he played a smart and honest game. Cassandra says she started slow, but that she was someone people could befriend -- and that she stuck tight with her alliance. Dreamz reminds everyone about his "life story," and that he hopes they will help his life.

Michelle asks what was the hardest thing. Dreamz mentions his hard past almost immediately, and doesn't mention any second thoughts about Yau. Cassandra mentions not swimming. Earl brings up Exile Island.

Edgardo wants to know how Earl found out who had the other immunity idol. Earl says Dreamz.

Mookie asks if that's betrayal. Dreamz calls it "just a lie."

Alex asks about maintaining integrity. Cassandra brings up hearing a conversation involving Alex, who accuses her of lying. Cassandra tries for a defense; Alex tells her to stop talking. Bickering ensues. Alex then goes at Dreamz for wanting to help kids but cheating and lying in the game; Dreamz insists "this is part of the game," not the real world. Alex says Dreamz "can't hide from karma forever."

Lisi eenie-meenies "a liar by the toe." Asks to see Cassandra's shoes and asks if she was unprepared. Says Cassandra made it by greed. "Greed never propelled me," she says -- but has to admit she wants the million. Lisi asks how many zeroes are in a million; he wonders if she's calling him stupid. Lisi goes at Earl about the Yau vote and his "whole show" for the jury. Earl says he was shocked that Dreamz didn't give up immunity; Lisi points out that he could have voted off Cassandra.

Stacey says the only difference between Earl and Dreamz is that Earl is more sophisticated, and wants to know if she should vote based on need. Earl says any of three needs the million.

Rocky wants to know who the biggest kicker is. Cassandra brings up about her listening again; Rocky doesn't want to hear it. She says "I don't feel I've manipulated a person" -- Rocky cuts her off and turns to Dreamz. He admits to manipulating when he had to. Earl says he manipulated, too, because no one even thought he was in the game.

Boo starts by praising Yau as "the greatest all-round player" -- and goes at Dreamz for breaking his promise. And wants "a Christian answer" from Dreamz about whether he meant it when he first made the promise. Dreamz talks, but Boo concludes he is "an immature Christian."

Yau notes that he does not have "testosterone overload" and that Dreamz's betrayal "was entirely my fault." Then asks Dreamz to explain why he changed his mind. Dreamz says "I didn't change my mind" -- that he was playing the game. So Yau says that when Dreamz accepted the truck, he was playing -- and Dreamz says Yau should have known it.

Then asks Earl why he wouldn't take Yau to the jury. "Because I would not win," Earl says. "You played the best game by far."

No final statements. Votes cast, then the tape-to-live segue.

Votes: Earl. Earl. Earl. Sure looks like a 9-0 vote. Earl. Earl. Yup, had to be 9-0.

Jeff confirms that. I'll save the reunion show for another time. Night, all.

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