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"Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains"

By admin Published: March 24, 2010

Quite a night ...

Much as I hate Russell, he played the game brilliantly tonight. The show had each tribe play for individual immunity -- won by Candice among the heroes and Boston Rob among the villains -- and then made each vote someone off.

Boston Rob set up a strategy where he and his five allies would split their vote three-three for Parvati and Russell; if Russell played the idol as expected, the tie would force a re-vote when they could take him down. But Russell singled out the dumbest member of the alliance, Tyson, and convinced him that Russell was going to vote out Parvati, too. With that in mind, Tyson flipped from his planned vote for Russell to a vote for Parvati to take her out. So there were four votes for Parvati, two for Russell and -- from Russell's crew -- three for Tyson.

Then, in the best move of all, Russell rolled the dice that he had flipped Tyson and gave his immunity idol to Parvati, eliminating the votes for her and knocking out Tyson 3-2. Terrific. And you could tell by Rob's face that he knew he had been completely outplayed.

Of course, it took Tyson being an idiot to make it happen, but Tyson has always been on the dumb side tactically, and here he was again.

As for the heroes, they remain tattered but opted to take out the injured James instead of Colby, the most vulnerable member in terms of alliances. I don't think James's injury alone led to his demise, though. His negativity and verbal attacks on other players have been consistently nasty, and that's no way to bring a tribe together.

But a good episode.

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