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''Survivor'': Nicked

By RD Heldenfels Published: March 30, 2006

I had a hard time even remembering Nick before he got the boot on ''Survivor'' tonight. I have been far more focused on Shane -- who, in spite of being disliked by everyone else in his alliance, is getting to play puppet master -- and Terry -- who with the secret immunity idol has been in a great position to gum up the works.

In fact, I longer for some gumming tonight since the outcome -- the old gang of 6 simply outvoting the gang of 4 in the new, merged tribe -- was so unexciting. Consider this:

-- Terry has immunity (as he did tonight). But he gives it up to one of his old tribemates right before the council vote. The rival group is in agony. Does this mean Terry has the idol? Should they try to vote him off anyway? Which way to turn?

-- Terry deliberately loses immunity after putting on a good show. The enemy votes him off, while his group puts its four votes on Shane (as it did tonight). After the vote, Terry shows off his idol -- and Shane is gone, and the balance of power is 5/4 so a one-vote flip creates a new dominant alliance.

-- Anticipating who's getting voted off, Terry with immunity still slips the secret idol to his vulnerable tribemate. Things play out  similar to the second scenario, with Shane still bounced.

Any of those would have been more entertaining than the way tonight played out. I am looking forward to next week's telecast -- when Terry does put his spare idol in play -- but would have liked to see things move more quickly.

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