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"Survivor" Notes

By admin Published: September 23, 2010
Jillian Behm, James "Jimmy T" Tarantino, Jimmy Johnson, Yve Rojas, Marty Piombo, of The Espada Tribe, of the The Espada Tribe, during the second episode of SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA, Wednesday, Sept. 22 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

I know, Jimmy Johnson is in the middle of the picture. But the strategizing player to watch this week was Kent State grad Jill, on the left, who made a bold and potentially dangerous move. More about that, cartoon characters and Shannon's stupidity, after the jump.

But first, a video which "Survivor" viewers will find appropriate:

Now the show: Shannon, Shannon, Shannon. Tribal council is not the place to unleash your homophobia. Any hope he had of getting past the collapse of the dump-Brenda conspiracy went flying when he not only began the "are you gay?" discussion but would not let it drop. This is not to say that the other players are gay-friendly; but they certainly know that anyone making those comments while the cameras roll is going to be a liability down the road. But Shannon was so caught up in defending his hypermasculine self that he not only went in that direction, he called out Chase at tribal council -- stupidly confrontational -- and he neglected to spread the blame around; it was two of the women who had also planned to get rid of Brenda, and they got through this whole disaster with no visible responsibility attached.

While I am still talking about the young tribe, I should also mention what a cartoon NaOnka is. So many stereotypes, from the attitude to the head moves when she speaks. Yes, Spicoli is a caricature, too. But I find him more believable than NaOnka; I keep hoping she's just putting on an act meant to get more camera time. But she is so extreme and so constant (at least as "Survivor" is edited), that I am more inclined to think she was cast because she is such a cartoon.

Now to Jill. Very smart in figuring out the clue for the hidden immunity idol. Very bold in sharing the information with Marty, and very risky. On one hand, it does help her bond with one and possibly two more players. On the other, this is "Survivor" -- and a bond may not mean anything if she needs the idol and Marty does not want to give it up, especially if she does not know where he has stashed it.

I did cheer when the old tribe won the immunity challenge. My age is showing.

And -- this is later -- I realized that I completely forgot the whole "sand in his shoes" meltdown from earlier in the episode. This is actually a good thing, since there was so much other craziness going on, we have more than enough to think and talk about on the morning after.

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