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"Survivor": Oh, What a Tangled Web

By admin Published: March 4, 2010

I was disheartened by a lot of tonight's "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains," but it began and ended on good notes ...

Discussing the ending first, I shouted happily when Cirie was voted off. She is awful at challenges, depending on mind games to succeed, and -- never mind that the show labeled her a "hero" -- she has been especially malicious in her scheming this season. Her ousting of Stephenie was well played to Cirie's benefit but no one else's; it knocked out a strong player -- and, as she showed in tonight's reward challenge, Cirie is no one to point fingers at others for a lack of success in challenges. So when her complicated scheme to take out Tom or Colby did not work, it made me very happy.

The beginning happy moment was, of course, watching Coach turn into a complete wimp, tear-stained little baby because Sandra spoke harshly about him at tribal council. Dragon slayer, my eye. And to turn to Tyson for support? Tyson's a weasel, albeit a weasel with a consistent man-crush on Coach. One has to wonder if the villains have spent their off time in sensitivity training; first, Boston Rob faints from double-goodness, now Coach turns all soft. But both have rebounded, Coach back to delusion, Rob back to being a smart player -- and I like that in him this time, especially in his unwillingness to let Russell run amok.

But in between? More division and failure by the heroes. And that pained me. I have been seeing enough of villains winning in real life. I don't need it in my entertainment.

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