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"Survivor" Season Finale

By admin Published: December 14, 2008

Spoiler notes after the jump ...

Had a church event tonight, so I've been running late. But have now seen that Bob won, by a surprising close 4-3 vote over Susie. (Sugar, the other in the final three, managed to get no jury votes.) Bob is the oldest "Survivor" winner ever, and I have to say that he played spectacularly well, from the fake immunity idols to reeling off a long series of wins in challenges to practicing for fire-making.

And, overall, this was a very good season. Lots of blindsides and double-crosses, one of the nastiest players ever (even when casting his final jury vote), and even the jury-vote tally was startling in its closeness; I would have thought Bob would win going away. Even in the reunion show, where he explained how he collected bits and pieces for the fake idol, he was showing how clever he was. And I think Probst was right that he was a likable winner -- probably the most likable since Tom Westman.

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