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"Survivor" Season Finale

By admin Published: May 17, 2009

After watching Thursday's show, I said: 'Of those left, I would be happy if either Taj or J.T. won. Taj is the most likable of the candidates, and J.T. has played the game really well (aside from the Stephen blindside this week). Stephen's been a smart player, too, only I've found him too nervous and even mean-spirited at times; I don't think he would have gotten this far without J.T. And Erinn is another Amber -- tagging along with the smarter players."

So ...

Only one complaint about tonight, where J.T. won. I would have preferred to see Taj finish higher than fourth, whether third or second. But I think she was a genuine threat to anyone else in the final two because she was so very likable. And Stephen and J.T. obviously figured that out -- thanks no little measure to Erinn's manipulations. There was a point tonight where I feared she would end up in final two, or maybe even win; I was remembering the notorious women's alliance, which so self-destructed. Fortunately, her rising higher did not come to pass. But Stephen did not help himself, either, sounding so much like a weasel to the final jury.

Beyond that, the maneuvers leading up to J.T.'s blowout win was rather interesting, but the jury discussion was dry. I was hoping someone would top the famous "snake and the rat" speech, and there was nothing on that level. The reunion show was pretty blah, too. But it was a pretty good season overall.

Next "Survivor": Samoa.

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