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''Survivor'' Surpriser

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 14, 2006

Odd to watch the final two on ''Survivor'' tonight and not see Terry there. Or, for that matter, Cirie, who proved a really good tactician in the later stages of the game. But Cirie could not get past that fire-making tie-breaker with Danielle. Then Danielle won immunity -- after outbalancing Terry and giving Aras an ambiguous nod that he interpreted as a pact and so threw the immunity challenge , and then breaking her old pact with Terry to take Aras to the final two. Where she lost the jury vote to Aras.

After a formidable run in the immunity challenges, Terry proved to be like an NFL team that goes 15-1 in the regular season and gets bounced in the playoffs. Last week, he lost reward and immunity to Aras, losing control of the game in the process. (Indeed, the hidden immunity idol turned out to be a nice addition to the game for suspense purposes, and something that was never put to use.)

This week, he won reward but lost immunity again. At least his decision last week not to give Danielle the immunity idol proved a wise one; she sold him out this week, and she would have done the same a week ago.

And when you look at the most interesting characters in this ''Survivor,'' Danielle and Aras are not very high on the list. Terry, sure, Shane, Cirie, Bruce, Courtney -- but none of them won. I postponed ''The Sopranos'' for this?

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