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''Survivor,'' ''The Apprentice''

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 3, 2005

I spent two hours of reality TV dealing with some reality of my own: folding letters and putting labels on envelopes for a church project. That meant I heard about as much TV as I actually watched, and it was fine.

''Survivor'' still isn't grabbing me, and tonight's ouster of Brandon added more strands to my Rope Bridge of Disappointment. (All right, so that's more of an ''Amazing Race'' image. Sometimes everything blurs.) It's not that I thought Brandon was the next great champ, but he was less annoying than some of the folks who are still around. And what is the deal with these challenges? An immunity idol hunt? Balance the Pot?

I haven't paid much attention to ''The Apprentice'' but came back for a week because of the much talked about four-firing a week ago. I guess I missed all the excitement for the season. Markus, fired this week, did provide some sparks after his dismissal by showing one more time what a jerk he could be -- but it wasn't really revelatory, just self-destructive. And there was slight amusement in seeing project leader Adam refuse to discuss whether he had any sexual experience -- after overseeing a class that was supposed to be about sex in the workplace.

OK, and there was Trump's analogy of sex and a dinner menu. But I suspect ''The Apprentice'' will be much more fun for people to talk about tomorrow, than it was to watch tonight.

And I'm glad I didn't let those two hours go entirely to waste.

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