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"Survivor" Thursday

By admin Published: February 15, 2008

Meant to post last night about this and "Lost" but surrendered to weariness instead. Make-ups this morning, starting with the perils of overthinking ...

Along Went Mary

How can you not enjoy a "Survivor" episode where the tribal council vote is something like 6-2-2? Or where Probst says "first tribal council, first blindside"? Or where the guy who sets the blindside in motion not only succeeds but does so without even having to vote for his own scheme

In any case, Mary is out. My regard for Joel now extends past his apparent ability to find hair product in the wilds of Micronesia. And Mikey B once again demonstrated how easy it is to overthink the game -- with his trying to arrange a split vote from his alliance to make sure at least one of his rivals was eliminated. It was good thinking on paper but way too complicated for the way the game is usually played -- and too tricky for an alliance that large and new.

That said, had I been playing, I would have taken out Chet right away. He was bad at the challenge, and lackadaisical getting out of the water. And his comments during tribal council were so annoying, I wouldn't have been surprised if the other fans had just thrown out their plan and voted him off. (If there was an opportunity for private conversations before the vote, they might well have done that.)

I suppose I should mention the faves, but they were not nearly as interesting this time. Oh, there was potential for future shows, notably in Cirie's becoming the swing vote on the faves. She proved before on "Survivor" that she is a very smart player, and underestimated because of her limitations in physical challenges, so she should provide plenty of fun as the others scheme around her.

Still, when she and Kathleen were working together on the immunity-idol search, how was that supposed to finish? They weren't going to share the idol. Kathleen's previous idol had a limited shelf life. What if they both spotted it at once? Would one have taken head-butt instructions from Yau-Man?

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