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"Survivor" Thursday: Some Kind of Gamble

By admin Published: November 8, 2007

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J.R., but not like Ewing...

It was Jean-Robert's night to go, but James's night overall. Not only has he become very talkative (although the taciturn James of early shows could have just been a result of editing), but he came close to one of the most foolish miscalculations in "Survivor" history. And that says a lot considering what happened on the show just a week ago.

But there James sat, with two immunity idols, having been warned that there could be an attempt to oust him, and NOT playing an immunity idol. And he quickly accumulated three votes in tribal council. But he still survived, and so looked not only like a riverboat gambler but like Bret Freakin' Maverick.

That's the kind of stuff that is keeping me coming back. Not Bag O'Bones Courtney proving dead weight for reward and then winning immunity. Give me scheming and plotting of a high order, being practiced by people with very high opinions of themselves and their strategies. (Hello, Todd.) And the last couple of weeks, the scheming has involved duplicity, arrogance, double-crosses, lies and ineptitude. In other words, it is just swell.

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