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"Survivor" Tonight

By admin Published: April 10, 2008

It's still just a stick, just a bleepin' stick ...


Well, Eliza maxed out her ability to annoy, but she did give us a great clip for the "Survivor" highlight reel when she tried to explain to Jason that what he thought was an immunity idol was, in fact, a bleepin' stick.

Beyond that, though, some anticlimax. The rejection of the bleepin' stick would have been much more entertaining if Eliza had been confident that she had immunity -- and then crushed by the rejection. Or I would have liked to see her push Jason: "If you're so sure this is a hidden idol, give me the immunity necklace and YOU use it in tribal council." Alas, no.

But the show must have a great deal of confidence in the drama generated by the scheming, since we've now gone a couple of weeks with only one challenge in the hour and the rest devoted to players discussing among themselves. I prefer the two-challenge structure, although now that we have the merge I'm seeing contestants I had no awareness of prior.

Still, Ozzy seems to be the pivot (although Parvati, James, Jason, Erik and Cirie offer some reasonably interesting camera time). And just as last week's promo of the "it's a stick" moment made this week all that more enticing, so the scheming about Ozzy makes next week look interesting. Even before we got to the promo, the bride and I were talking about the others' need to force Ozzy to use the hidden idol at the next tribal council -- just so he can't use it down the road.

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