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''Survivor'' (With Finale Result)

By RD Heldenfels Published: December 17, 2006

Not sure how deeply I care about the finish, but I'm watching. Am tired of the parade of fallen contestants -- still standard in each series -- and the big final immunity challenge was another endurance test involving standing on a post, which just isn't all that dramatic.

Anyway, Adam went out at the first tribal council of the night, leaving the alliance as the final four. Ozzy won the final immunity challenge, and Yul still has the necklace, so they're guaranteed a spot in the final three. (They're sending three contestants to the jury instead of two this time.)

And it's amazing how nicely these folks try to play. Discussion even of setting up a two-two vote in tribal, with Becky and Sundra, so they get to settle it themselves on a tie-breaker. But Yul seems to be turning soft-headed tactically, contemplating giving Becky the idol and risking the vote...

Nope. They go to the tie-breaker. How nice. Of course, we're getting the making-fire tiebreaker AGAIN...

Oh, my, they've been trying to make fire for an hour and nothing. Hilarity!

Probst gives up and gives them matches! The bride notes that this proves Sundra and Becky really have been along for the ride if they can't do this.

Even with matches they can't keep the fire going. OMG! Probst says, ''After 38 days out here, you should both know how to make fire.''

And Sundra runs out of matches before she can make fire. Becky makes it to the final three. Sundra to the jury.

In a series where diversity has been an issue, Ozzy paints his situation as a surfer against two lawyers.

Yul talks leadership and teamwork. Becky promotes her ''social game.'' Ozzy proclaims himself the underdog early on who provided for others -- embracing ''every aspect of this game wholeheartedly.''

Jury: Nate calls Yul ''a big gangster boss,'' Ozzy as ''the warrior'' and wants to know how Ozzy played strategy better than Yul. Ozzy says he was the ''Yul of my tribe'' and brings up throwing the challenge. (Ick.) Nate then asks Becky why she deserves the millon over the other two. She undercuts Yul. ''Are you saying you ran it?'' Nate presses. Becky says there wasn't a boss and says she rejected the idol the night before when Yul offered it -- very bad for Yul in getting Sundra's vote.

And on it goes... Parvati revisits the idol rejection... Later, Yul argues that he will use a win to help improve minority images, Ozzy follows with the same argument... Adam declares them boring, asks for some trash talk; Ozzy sort of obliges... Candice demands to know -- yes or no -- whether Yul has been shamelessly working the jury. Yul pauses, says yes. She replies. He begins to question her use of ''shamelessly'' and the jurors seize on that as an error -- which sure suggests they're looking for a reason not to vote for Yul. ... Ozzy cries! That could be the lock for him. ... Jonathan reams Yul over half-truths being half-lies; Yul says '' 'Survivor' is a game obviously ... I would never do this to unsuspecting people (in the world).'' Jonathan then jabs Ozzy for ''issues of entitlement.'' Ozzy sounds Miss America-ish in reply...

Now we go to the vote. Well, after the commercial and the expected spill-over of results into the 10 p.m. hour.Just saw the umpteenth promo for ''Armed & Famous.'' Reminds me that in the great scheme of things, ''Survivor'' is pretty good. And that my professional obligations should not include any show with LaToya Jackson.

Vote teases: Jonathan votes for Yul. Parvati votes for Ozzy.

The tally. Probst calls it one of the most enjoyable seasons in a while. Close vote. (None for Becky.) It's Yul on a 5-4 vote.

Pretty suspenseful finish, between two guys who had each made a good case for winning. I'll save the aftermath show for another time.

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