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Taking a Break

By admin Published: June 13, 2010

Any post for the next several days will be sporadic at best, since I am taking a vacation. I do have a couple of things planned for the paper, including a mailbag on Thursday and a look at Denis Leary, and I may post links here. If not, you will still be able to find them at And, over there, you can see today's DVD column as well as a chat with Wendie Malick about "Hot in Cleveland." And I will probably drop the occasional Twitter/Facebook note.

As for vacation, so far it has been very restful, plenty of sleep, watching bits of World Cup soccer. Also have seized the opportunity to catch up on some things. Have (finally) watched the first "Twilight" movie, and will get to "New Moon," in preparation for the third film. Have also started reading Stieg Larsson. "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" was a bit of a slog at first -- and runs almost 650 pages -- and the plot twists were less revelatory than they might have been because I have seen the Swedish film from it. But it became more effective as it went along, and Lisbeth Salander is a great character. (Mikael Blomkvist, not so much.) I am now more than ready for "The Girl Who Played With Fire."

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