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Tanned, Rested and Ready

By RD Heldenfels Published: January 26, 2006

Well, two out of three, since I'm not much of a sun -- or sunlamp -- worshipper. But I am feeling livelier, thanks to a good night's sleep and some early work completed. I've had time to ponder questions that were in my head last night but didn't make it to these pages. Questions like, where did Jack come up with an extra tarp? Wouldn't you think they're already in use. I'm beginning to think that there's either this really cool junkyard we haven't seen on the island, or stuff is still washing ashore from the crash.

I hope to get to ''Veronica Mars'' later today, and this morning have been fighting to keep from knowing too much before I watch. This is not as easy as it might sound, since I work with some ''Veronica'' fans and one is eager to discuss. (At least I have been able to participate in the ''Lost'' morning-afters.) In fact, my friend and colleague Alan Sepinwall and I found ourselves in a no-man's-land of TV conversation, since he had seen ''VM'' but not ''Lost'' and I had seen ''Lost'' but not ''VM.''

That doesn't even get into last night's ''American Idol,'' also sitting in the DVR. And I hope to watch or record today's ''Oprah,'' which  continues the James Frey saga I've written about here before. (For a taste, an Associated Press report in the telecast should be here. But I won't see it until it's televised locally at 4 p.m.) And thanks to blog reader stephanie for the heads-up. (Yes, I read the comments on this blog and in many cases post comments in reply.)

So more later. And for now, some other links and an explanation.

First, you can find today's story about the WB and UPN, which is mostly about the nature of network television, here.  Because of the way the story's layout was designed for the print version, it is missing the first sentence. I'm hoping that will be corrected, but until it is, the piece begins: ''The planned blending of The WB and UPN into a new network called The CW has already raised questions about the future of each network's programs, and where those shows might be found.'' It then continues with ''As we look at the change ...,'' the part you can find online. For those of you who missed my story in yesterday's Beacon Journal, it should be here.

The story from that speech I mentioned in yesterday's post is here. You can see from the TV 101 quality of the comments from the speech why I went in a different direction at the top of the story.

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