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Teacher II

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 14, 2005

In an earlier posting, I mentioned a ranking of TV teachers (and added a few I thought should have been included). Well, there's another one coming to prime time this season, as this NBC announcement shows:

NBC has given a pickup of six episodes to "Filmore Middle" (working title) -- its new mid-season comedy series ... focusing on a rule-breaking teacher at a New Jersey public school -- it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment.   

"Executive producer Matt Tarses has delivered a sharp comedy with a talented ensemble cast who could well become NBC's next generation of comedy stars," said Reilly.

Filmore is a New Jersey school that has its share of problems, including apathetic teachers, antiquated rules and a majority of students who are more interested in text-messaging than in textbooks.  Luckily, Jeff (Justin Bartha, "National Treasure") -- a once idealistic English teacher -- is a rule-bending wise-guy who still secretly maintains hope. 

Jeff may just be the best teacher Filmore has ever had, and he is attracted to Alice (Sarah Alexander, BBC's "Coupling"), a rookie teacher who also won't give up on the students or the school.  Deon Richmond ("Van Wilder") plays Calvin, Jeff's best friend and resident drama teacher, while radio comedian Phil Hendrie portrays Dick, a burned-out teacher who would rather barbeque behind the gym than sit in another teachers meeting.

Also starring in the comedy are Matt Winston ("About Schmidt") as an eager-to-please teacher, Kali Rocha ("Meet the Fockers") as a strict instructor, and Grant Rosenmeyer ("The Royal Tenenbaums") as the star student who can also mix a pretty good martini.

"Filmore Middle" is from NBC Universal Television Studio.  Matt Tarses (NBC's "Scrubs") serves as executive producer and writer.

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