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Tech Stuff: BD, 3D News

By admin Published: December 17, 2009

As you already know if you read the comments section on these posts, Kent Plaza Theatres is now offering 3-D movies, including "Avatar." Full announcement is after the jump.

It was expected before this holiday season that Blu-ray players would break the $100 barrier. In fact, I have seen one selling for $78 at Walmart. As I have written, there's a big industry push to get people to go Blu-ray and recent news from Warner video underscores that: new releases will get the combo-pack treatment, and discounted double-feature Blu-rays are coming. Details on that after the jump.

The 3-D release:

Grab the special glasses. Sit back. Get comfortable. Time to be fully entertained! Kent Plaza Theaters has brand new 3D technology!

The 3D is in time for the new 3D masterpiece, AVATAR by James Cameron, the Oscar®-winning director of “Titanic.”

Kent Plaza Theaters’ 3D system is the industry leader, RealD 3D. Each eye sees a slightly different image and the brain combines them to form a single picture. The different points of view allow the brain to judge depth and distance. RealD 3D uses those characteristics of human perception to create a 3D image. During filmmaking, special 3D cameras capture two images, simulating the different perspectives of the left and right eye. With break-through patented technology used by top scientists and researchers, the RealD system transforms a single digital projector into the perfect delivery system for 3D movies, allowing the delivery of left and right eye images with complete accuracy. The image is projected onto a custom screen, which delivers bright, crisp 3D visuals.

Customers will wear the RealD eyewear that is recyclable, comfortable and cool-looking. Each lens delivers the proper perspective view relative to depth for an extraordinary 3D experience.

Kent Plaza Theaters is located at 140 Cherry Street, Kent, Ohio 44240. The website, and phone for times, 330-673-4450. Tickets are $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for kids, seniors and matinees. There is an additional $3.00 fee for the 3D movies. The 3D experience has arrived in Kent!

As for the Warner news:
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment [Wednesday] announced two Blu-ray(TM) packaging initiatives that will give consumers greater value and portability when shopping for the best possible way to watch movies at home. Beginning in the first quarter of 2010, Warner Home Video will be releasing its entire Theatrical New Release slate as Blu-ray combo packs, containing a Blu-ray Disc of the film with exclusive special features and exciting BD-Live interactivity, a standard-definition DVD and a Digital Copy of the film. For no additional cost, Blu-ray combo packs offer consumers significantly more value by merging the unsurpassed quality of Blu-ray with the convenience of being able to watch the film in any format, on just about every playback device.

Warner Home Video is also launching the industry’s first line of Blu-ray Double Features, priced at $24.98 (SRP). Beginning February 23, the attractively packaged and entry-level priced Blu-ray Double Features pack will include a pair of well-matched catalog hits spanning multiple genres – comedy, action, drama/thriller and horror. The first wave will include “Dirty Harry” and “Magnum Force” starring Clint Eastwood; “Analyze This” and “Analyze That” starring Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro; “Presumed Innocent” and “Frantic” starring Harrison Ford; “Miss Congeniality” and “Miss Congeniality 2” starring Sandra Bullock; and Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

“When people experience Blu-ray – they love it, and with Blu-ray combo packs on all of our top new releases, we are giving consumers the titles they want without having to sacrifice convenience and portability,” said Ron Sanders, President, Warner Home Video. “And our new Blu-ray Double Feature sets make it easier and more affordable than ever for consumers to build or expand their home movie libraries and discover why Blu-ray is simply the best way to watch movies at home.”

According to third quarter figures compiled by the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), Blu-ray is on the rise. In 2009, Blu-ray Disc set-top player sales grew 112 percent over the same period last year and this holiday season consumers are seeing Blu-ray player prices starting around $100, making it that much easier for home audiences to see the films they love the way they were meant to be seen. Blu-ray devices are at the top of many consumers’ holiday wish lists this year are projected to be in 15 million U.S. homes by the end of this year.

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