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Technical Difficulties/Tuesday Night Viewing (Updated)

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 15, 2006

As indicated by the wildly varying type size below, I've been having some trouble getting things to post properly -- especially when I'm trying to paste releases here. And either I accidentally deleted or Typepad ate an earlier version of this post. So please bear with me.

Anyway, if I post about ''Rock Star: Supernova'' tonight, it may be a little later than usual since I have a church meeting and am not sure when it will be done. (UPDATE: The evening has gotten away from me, so it's going to be sometime Wednesday before I watch and post. Sorry...)

But I did receive an advance screener of tonight's ''Rescue Me.'' No spoilers yet, but it is for the most part an old-school ''Rescue Me,'' with a great deal of humor as it continues previous storylines -- Franco's dealings with his new girlfriend's brother, Sean's wedding planning with Maggie, Tommy's latest dealings with his father and more besides.

There's also a wonderful moment with Charles Durning, who plays Tommy's dad, singing a bit of ''Carrickfergus'' in such a way, and in such a context, that you understand absolutely why a show gets someone of Durning's stature even for a relatively small part. It brings to mind the current Emmy controversy over Ellen Burstyn's being nominated based on a performance that lasted less than a minute; Durning shows that it's not about the time spent, but what you do with it.

Then, in the waning minutes, a couple of dramatic things happen. You may even see one of them coming. Again, no spoilers, but I didn't like either one -- even though I can see what one of them will do to the dynamics among the characters as the season's end draws near. But let's see what you have to say after watching. As always, the comments section is open.

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