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"Tennessee Tuxedo" DVD Set 3/6

By admin Published: January 9, 2012

The official word: Tennessee Tuxedo™ and his pals are back and more dapper than ever! On March 6 Shout! Factory will release Tennessee Tuxedo™ And His Tales: The Complete Collection, a 6-DVD set featuring all 70 Tennessee Tuxedo™ episodes, most of which are appearing on DVD for the first time, as well as a 20-page commemorative book written by animation and comic book historian Mark Arnold, a bonus featurette, and new commentaries.

The box set contains the first season of Tennessee Tuxedo And His Tales, from 1963, in its entirety, assembled to mirror the program’s original run, which included The King And Odie and The Hunter cartoons. The Tennessee Tuxedo episodes from Seasons Two and Three have been recreated to include the Tooter Turtle and Klondike Kat cartoons, rounding out this collection of classic animated TV.

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Tennessee, a wise-cracking penguin, and his dimwitted pal, Chumley, reside in the Megalopolis Zoo, where they are constantly scheming against zookeeper Stanley Livingston and his assistant Flunky in an attempt to raise the quality of zoo life. Their projects require the assistance of their educated friend, Phineas J. Whoopee (voiced by Larry Storch), and his 3-D BB (a three-dimensional blackboard).

Featuring the voice of the late, great Don Adams (Get Smart, Inspector Gadget), Tennessee Tuxedo And His Tales educates as well as entertains, making the show truly engaging for the audience.

Tennessee Tuxedo was produced by Total TeleVision productions (TTV), which formed in 1959 at the request of General Mills as a vehicle for the food manufacturer to sponsor children’s broadcast programming. TTV had their first success with King Leonardo And His Short Subjects (featuring The Hunter and Tooter Turtle) when the show debuted on NBC at 10:30 a.m. on October 15, 1960, continuing through 1963. Next in line was Tennessee Tuxedo And His Tales, debuting on CBS at 9:30 a.m. on September 28, 1963, on the same day that King Leonardo And His Short Subjects had its last network run. The show ran through September 3, 1966.

Bonus Features:
Tennessee Tuxedo And His Tales: The Complete Collection
· Featurette
· Commentaries with voice actors Larry Storch and Bradley Bolke, co-creator Buck Biggers and author Mark Arnold (Created and produced by Total Television Productions)

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