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"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"

By admin Published: December 27, 2007

Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor: One Tough Woman

See the picture above? THAT's Sarah Connor. Tough and more than a little scary. Small, maybe, but look at the arms. (Remember her working out in "T2"?) You can see the relentlessness, the fury that could help turn a boy into a brilliant leader of men and women, a protector of humanity.

Which is why Lena Headey is such a disappointment in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," which premieres Jan. 13 on Fox. ...

I have seen both the Jan. 13 and Jan. 14 episodes and the one on the 14th is an improvement, generating some real suspense and giving more depth both to young John Connor (Thomas Dekker) and especially to Cameron Phillips (Summer Glau), a reprogrammed Terminator sent back to help Sarah and John. In fact, as I griped about "Bionic Woman," "Sarah Connor" looks like one of those shows where a supporting character is more interesting than the one in the title.

I don't know how deliberate that is, but it is puzzling to see Headey's Sarah Connor as such a tortured, less than brutal character. After all, Headey was plenty tough in "300," and that would seem to make her a natural for this Connor -- especially considering that the TV series takes place after the mayhem in "T2." Has she gotten soft? Is she burnt out? Is she supposed to Christine Lahti in "Running on Empty"?

Which isn't to say the show is lousy. The first episode is rather weak, overdosing on action and struggling to get to the point where the series can really start in the second episode. The second episode settles into a more thoughtful and suspenseful place, although with ample action. By its end, as I said, Cameron has become quite interesting, almost enough to keep me watching.

But the show is still theoretically about Sarah Connor, and it is there that it is most flawed.

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