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"That's 'cause they LIVED the Star Wars!"

By admin Published: September 22, 2008

I think Martin Mull is in this scene.

Had hoped to post a little more about the season premieres of "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men" but I am going to have to find a replay of "Men" somewhere since my DVR decided to offer its impression of the show as done by Jackson Pollock. That said, ...

I did get to see some of it, including Charlie's explanation of why he doesn't read condom packages: "It's not like a cereal box. You don't read it while you're eating."

But an even better moment may have been the one from "Men" capped by Marshall's line in the header to this post. Fine moment. Not sure about the episode overall.

I like that they're playing fair with Robin-Barney and especially that even a lovelorn Barney is not an alone Barney. But while Stella's lying about "Star Wars" was played well -- as was most of the "Star Wars" bit -- I keep thinking that somewhere down the road that will be an issue. I mean, doesn't it have to? If Ted is telling his children this story in the future, then Ted at some point learned that Stella hated "Star Wars." I'm probably being too logical.

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