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"The Amazing Race"

By admin Published: October 26, 2009

If you are thinking about being on "The Amazing Race," please take a close look at this picture. Commit it to memory. The show likes to challenge contestants. If you are afraid of heights, there's a pretty good chance you will face a situation where you have to deal with heights. If you hate the water, there's a chance you will find yourself on or in the water. If you're a picky eater ... well, you know where this is going. See me after the jump.

I don't know how familiar Mika and Canaan were with "TAR" before they signed up, or if they somehow thought that the stunts they saw on TV would not be as intimidating in real life, or what. But Mika's meltdown, with the race on the line, was sad (because she was so very frightened) and dramatic. Canaan was trying not to force her to jump -- which could have been disastrous if she was off-balance or panicky on the way down -- but came very close the line between forcing and strong persuasion. Then you add in the Globetrotters' arrival, and that excitement, as well as the potential controversy in their behavior. (I, frankly, thought they were rough but still in the spirit of the game. If it had been a matter of who finished fourth and who fifth, say, then you might argue about the situation. But this was about who might be going home.) And yet it was all a bit depressing, too, because Mika should have known long before this that winning the show would mean facing up to some if not all of her fears.

Good show. Not only for the diving, but for things like the hookah challenge, where Ericka went so wrong, both in thinking that details were unimportant and in her ranting instead of trying to solve their problem. To be fair, though, Ericka has more than once noted her glossy-diva side, including on last night's telecast, so it's not as if she has hidden herself up to now.

I haven't paid much attention to Meghan and Cheyne up to this point, probably because they're not dramatic enough to have merited a lot of screen time when other contestants offered TV-appealing nuttiness. But they were really adept players on last night's show, and are clearly a threat to win it all. Sam and Dan -- smart to bring a calculator but come on, you don't know how to divide numbers? I still like Gary and Matt, though, because they seem like good guys, and capable players.

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