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"The Amazing Race" And Other Viewing Notes

By admin Published: April 27, 2009
"Having a Baby�s Gotta Be Easier Than This" -- In this Detour A "Sync" brother/sister team Victor and Tammy must synchronize jump from a 3-meter springboard in order to receive their next clue, on THE AMAZING RACE 14 Sunday, April 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS �2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I know that synchronized diving is difficult, but why did neither Tammy/Victor nor Kisha/Jen trying counting out loud to get themselves in synch? "One ... Two ... Three ... Jump!" would get you to at least a 3 or 4, wouldn't it?

More on "Race" after the jump, along with "30 Rock," "Parks and Recreation," "Grey's Anatomy," "CSI" ...

Anyway, this was one of those unresolved "Race" episodes where the first team to get to the pit stop -- in this case, Jaime/Cara -- was handed another clue and told to keep going. Which either prolongs the drama of Kisha/Jen's struggles with the swimming/diving challenge, or gives them a real chance to get back in the race. Either way, I am now hoping they will get to the top 3 simply because I am fed up with Margie/Luke. Her complaining about not getting to be first in the airport line was ridiculous; there's ever more of an air of entitlement around M/L and I am tired of it. At this point, Tammy/Victor are my faves, though not in an overly enthusiastic way, but they so miscalculated the water challenge that I have to wonder if they can manage to win. Jaime/Cara are smart players, but I'm no fan of the attitude.

It's funny how I basically have nothing entertainment-wise to watch on Friday and Saturday. So my viewing tends to be sports -- Cavs, Indians, NFL draft this weekend -- or "Saturday Night Live" if it's new and I remember to record it or stuff held over from Thursday. And there's usually plenty from Thursday.

Catching up, then: "30 Rock" was uneven but still made me laugh out loud. The Kent State throwaway was a little gem. Loved the Pranksmen. The Slanket, especially when Liz denied it was product placement. "Night Cheese" had Bob Seger in my head for most of Friday. On the other hand, Jenna's poisoning Kenneth had its moments but was still stretched out too much. And didn't we already know that Tracy was faithful to his wife?

I think "Parks and Recreation" is getting better; there were a couple of solid jokes in the opening (including the Easter egg hunt) and the show seems to be figuring out the characters. Still not there, but my hope remains.

Very good "Grey's Anatomy" last week. As I've said before, the show has rebounded well since finally getting past the Dead Denny episodes, and the characters are getting a chance to breathe. The Alex/George business was nicely done, for example. And while the dying-child story was thoroughly manipulative -- who wasn't going to feel something for that poor kid? -- I was willingly manipulated. And it gave Chandra Wilson a chance to remind us that she's great even when she's not in a full Bailey rage. Also liked the way the Chief's feelings about Meredith were shown to be so complicated, with very few words from James Pickens; Meredith sees him as a flaw in her parents' marriage, but he obviously sees Meredith as a daughter figure -- one he lost when the relationship with Meredith's mom ended and he crawled into a liquor bottle. Anyway, very good, and I hope the show doesn't spoil its current quality by overreaching when it gets to the season finale on May 14.

"CSI" followed its funny sci-fi-fantasy episode with a return to its basic nerdiness on Thursday, as the team had to re-examine all the evidence from a 15-year-old case, but with their improved techniques and technology. It wasn't on the level of the fantasy show (which was so thoroughly funny) but I still like the tech stuff now and then. And the show manages to blend character flourishes into that -- like Nick's being more ready to be skeptical of Catherine than some of the others. Good turn by Henry Thomas as the convicted killer, Jeremy Kent, trying to get free by discrediting Catherine's investigation. But considering that there was a huge picture of Kent and Owen (the twitchy Charlotte Ross) in their yearbook, why didn't Brass call Owen on it when she claimed she had been keeping her relationship with Kent secret?

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