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"The Amazing Race" and Other Viewing Notes

By admin Published: October 11, 2009

Comments and spoilers from tonight's "Amazing Race," and a few words about the past week's "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice" and "The Good Wife" ...

Very sorry to see Zev and Justin go on "Race." They were a likable team and playing well, and I was very happy to see them finish first. Several teams I would have gotten rid of before them. But they lost Zev's passport, so there was no way they could continue when the show next crossed a border. That said, I wonder if the editing took out something I wanted to see -- that the guys at least searched the cab before heading elsewhere for the passport. No sign of that on the air. And did the show have an inkling of what was to come? There was no prize to go with first place when Zev and Justin arrived.

The Zev-Justin drama put a sad finish to an episode that had been really hilarious when the contestants were shown a picture of Jacqueline Kennedy. Who knew she looked so ... Cambodian? By the way, she married Aristotle Onassis in 1968, and she visited Cambodia in '67, so she would not have been an Onassis at the time of her visit. Or, for that matter, a queen.

Previous viewing: I am slowly getting accustomed to "The Good Wife," although it's legal cases seem to be the weakest part of the show, especially when they lean on a gotcha like the sprinklers. And the kids deciding that their new lives were OK was a bit too neat. But the character stuff overall is all right, and the cast impressive; I also liked that this week we got an episode that didn't hint at deep conspiracies around Chris Noth, concentrating instead on life after living the ritzy neighborhood.

Not a good "Grey's." WAY too much preaching going on, the Callie scenes were a mess (although I would be happy to have her in Cleveland), and Chyler Leigh seems to think that the best way to convey heavy emotion is a medley of twitches. And I too often find myself watching the various ways they are disguising Ellen Pompeo's condition, which has her being presented visually in a different way from the other characters. But I kind of liked her performance, the way she could be chilly and generous with her father at the same time.

"Private Practice" continues to be better this season than last, by focusing more on the main characters in an emotionally meaningful way, including in the estrangements. But this episode was basically a showcase for Amy Brenneman, and I thought she delivered, both funny and touching, although that last speech to Pete had too many of those ritual repetitions of a phrase that Shonda Rhimes so loves. Not a great episode, but hardly unwatchable. Not that I want to watch, and the more things back up in the DVR, the more hard-pressed I am to justify some viewing choices.

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