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"The Amazing Race": Never-Netherlands

By admin Published: November 2, 2009

When one team is playing very badly, I am usually ready to write them off -- always underestimating other players' ability to mess up. ...

So it was tonight, when I thought sure that Ericka and Brian were toast, based on her struggle to count bells. And, if that wasn't enough, there was the missing of the bicycles. Between those two gaffes, they should have gone home. And I would not have been sorry to see them go, since Ericka's whining is driving me up the wall.

But, as I said, there is always the chance that someone else will be even worse and on tonight's show that was Maria and Tiffany, the poker players. (On a side note, am I the only one wondering if M&T are a couple? Interesting the way the camera turned to them when Sam & Dan came out to the other players.)

They were not only bad, they were spectacularly bad. In the dance/golf challenge, they changed course three different times, starting with the striker & dance, then to golf, then back to the striker, then back to golf. No wonder they were exhausted. And, apparently, had no basic knowledge of things like leverage for hitting an object and aiming your golf ball AT THE HOLE. Pitiful. Haven't been thrilled with them, either, and their terrible play and indecision made me content to see them go. Well, almost content. A double elimination that also took out Brian & Ericka would have been even more satisfying.

On the other hand, we are getting down to an amiable group with four teams I wouldn't mind winning: Sam & Dan, the Globetrotters, the father and son, Meghan & Cheyne. And that's when I most like "The Amazing Race," when the villains and crybabies have been cast aside and you can feel good regardless of who crosses the finish line first.

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