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"The Amazing Race" Results

By admin Published: December 7, 2008

Notes and spoilers after the jump. ....


Nick and Starr won overall, and that's fine. I still would have preferred Toni and Dallas, eliminated in the semifinals (and, as far as I could see, absent from the finish line where ousted contestants greet the winners). But Nick and Starr were very good players, aggressive and focused, even if their focus also included that cab grab in last week's telecast. Just look at how they outran Ken and Tina at the memory challenge.

Ken and Tina got second. No problem, since that meant Dandrew finished third, and I didn't want them to finish any higher. Indeed, it was clear tonight that they were out of the competition pretty quickly, turning it into a two-team battle. Nice moment: Ken taking out their wedding rings, re-establishing his marriage with Tina after their separation. I'm not convinced they will stay together (lots of bossiness by both, and bickering, in this last show) but it was still a sweet moment.

And, as I said, Dandrew finished third. Taken down in large part by the latest in a series of bad cabdrivers this season. Remarkable they lasted that long. If only Dallas hadn't lost his passport. ... But enough. Pleasant season. Still a pretty smart show, especially in staying with an economical, hour-long finale. Let's bring on the next round.

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