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"The Bachelor" Season Finale (Updated)

By admin Published: March 2, 2009

UPDATE: Much online discussion of last night's show, but I wanted to point especially to Chris Harrison's blog, which has his account of the timing of everything. And Trista Sutter has weighed in here.

I didn't expect to be blogging about "The Bachelor." But, after an entire blasted season of hearing what a wonderful, caring guy Jason is ...

tonight, not so much. Actually, during the season, there were plenty of times when it looked as if he was playing the women, enjoying their attention, their affection, their pursuit of him. But he topped himself tonight.

He dropped Molly during the finale and proposed marriage to Melissa. Then, on the post-show, he said that Melissa was not the right person and he wanted to be with Molly instead. The show set it up as if Jason was breaking the news to Melissa during the telecast, but you could tell from the moment she entered that she knew bad stuff was coming. Chilly greeting, ring not on her hand, and she tore into Jason about his breaking up with her. "You're such a bastard," she said at one point and he's right. Now waiting to see if Molly will take him back. I hope she doesn't.

Jason says he hates himself for what he's done to Melissa. She gets the parting shot: "Don't call me. ... I don't want to hear from you again."

Most dramatic or whatever "Bachelor" finale ever? I still think Jen Schefft's rejecting both guys is the topper. But this is painfully entertaining.

Now we're getting Jason crying. Bah.

Now Molly on her own. Says she's nervous to see Jason. Chris notes that they did have something special, introducing clips of them during the season, capping with her telling Jason he's making a mistake and Melissa isn't right for him. And she gets to see the footage of him crying after he dumped her. She says the week after being dumped was "the worst week of my life." That she had never had to deal with heartbreak. Chris asks if there are still feelings, and she says, "Yeah." That she still gets weak in the knees when she sees him "all over the media." But she thinks he's still "amazing." She also wants closure so she can move on. Chris asks her if she wonders if he's changed his mind. She says that she thinks about that, and she would want him to knock on her door and say he made a mistake. Although she would need some answers, including why he didn't choose her to begin with.

So she'll take him back, then? After a break, of course. But I still want her to tell him to go jump.

Mr. Big Teary McDumpster enters. They hug. She wants to know when he knew that "somebody else makes you happier." He doesn't really answer. She presses. He hems and haws. Chris gets him back on track. Jason says he ended things with Melissa because he can't stop thinking about Molly. She looks puzzled, possibly ticked. SLAP HIM! He asks if they could go out for coffee or a drink. She laughs, or gasps, or both. "What about Melissa?" she says. He says what he did to her is horrible -- apparently forgetting he did close to the same thing to Molly. Chris asks if he's still in love with Molly. Jason hesitates, then says, "Yeah." She's not talking. But she's smiling now. Laughs. And a break.

Kimmel promo hints that Molly bought Jason's load of crap. But after the break, Molly keeps looking away from Jason. Laughs again. Jason tries to make his case again. She looks at him now. Molly finally says, "I'm very confused. ... We still have a lot to talk about. But my feelings never went away."

"I think we can see where things go," she says, though not with great conviction. But she has her hand on his knee. "I am blown away right now," she says, but she wants "deeper discussions." Then she says she's glad this is happening. Chris calls it uncharted territory. Jason offers a load of slop about how Molly is the right person. They kiss.

Chris says America is watching this and "absolutely floored." I prefer "absolutely ticked." Jason gives a speech about following his heart that reminds me of Woody Allen explaining why he fell for Soon-Yi. Which probably isn't what Jason was going for. But more kissing ensues. And another hour of "Bachelor" post-mortems tomorrow.

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