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The Big 2-0: A Few Hours With History

By admin Published: September 1, 2008


The bride and I capped Labor Day weekend with a trip to the ballpark to see the Indians and the White Sox. That trip just happened to have Cliff Lee winning his 20th game, the first Indians pitcher to rack up 20 since Gaylord Perry in 1974. (Even better, Lee has only two losses with those 20 wins.)

We were also there for his 17th win, but that wasn't the same. You should have heard the cheers tonight in the late innings, as he worked his way toward a shutout. You should have heard the roar when he came out in the ninth, and the worry when he seemed to falter in the inning, and the bigger roar when a double play sealed the win and the shutout. And the Indians were ready for the big event, putting up taped congratulations to Lee from Perry and Bob Feller, and handing out a small commemorative poster listing all the Indians' 20-game winners below a picture of His Leeness.

Not only that, it was a good time for baseball. A pleasant night, with a gentle breeze and a mellow -- but far from a sell-out -- crowd. In fact, we sat in front of a couple of White Sox fans who were perfectly pleasant, even if their applause was, uh, out of sync with just about everyone else. But hey, they're in a playoff chase. We're taking what we can get right now, and what we can get is Cliff Lee en route to a Cy Young.

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