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The Big Story

By Rich Heldenfels Published: May 7, 2013

How big is the Cleveland abduction story? Big enough to generate expanded local newscasts, extra cut-ins during entertainment programming and live coverage of press conferences - even when there's nothing to say. And that's just locally. Here's what's topping some national news websites at this hour:

CNN -- Found Alive!

Fox News  -- Captive in plain sight?

MSNBC -- "The real hero here is Amanda."

CBS -- Frantic 911 call ends ordeal for 3 long-missing women.

ABC -- Daughter found with 3 women missing for a decade.

The Los Angeles Times, a coast away, also has it at the top of the home page. The New York Times has a story, but not at the top -- in contrast to a huge NY Daily News headline saying, among other things, "How did the cops miss him?"

Those headlines underscore how this is a mixed-feelings story.  On the one hand, the women have been rescued. On the other, questions are being asked about how they could have been hidden so long.

Indeed, for every scene of balloons and cheering crowds, for every time someone reprises the quote about the women's nighmare being over, there should be a reminder that they spent a decade in captivity -- those nightmares aren't going to end overnight, and there's no guarantee they will be comfortable under the hot spotlights now pointed their way.



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