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By admin Published: June 1, 2010

I took a long holiday weekend, and the bride and I made a road trip back East to visit some of our offspring. So I have not been online much, even as the entertainment news has piled up. I will be doing some catch-up this week, as well as posting as some new things arise; I will also be doing my weekly video, but not until Wednesday.

Still, while we're talking, what are your thoughts about e-readers? I haven't bought the actual device but have downloaded the software for Kindle and Nook to my computer and acquired some reading matter that way. It's easy to download and, since a lot of what I have been looking for is old literature, the price is great -- free in many cases, or a dollar for some things.

But the drawbacks are also considerable. I have yet to figure out a way to make notes or highlight text; some downloads omit the indexes, and going directly to a specific page appears to be impossible. So if your purpose is research, as a lot of mine is, the device is far less user-friendly than an actual book.

On esthetic grounds, I prefer books anyway. I like holding them and turning pages. I can understand the benefit of an e-book if you're traveling (especially considering what's happening with airlines and luggage fees), and it saves shelf space if I download a book. But so far it seems to be a nice toy, and not nearly as useful as it should be.

Anyone want to share e-book experiences, good and bad?

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