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By RD Heldenfels Published: February 10, 2006

Brian Williams makes it official. He manages to use the arrival of the team from Chile to talk about interviewing Miller and discussing his training in ... Chile.

Williams is trying very hard to be the news guy; when Denmark appears, he brings up the Muhammad cartoon furor. But it's better to bring it up than ignore it -- and then see disaster strike at the Olympics. It's not an event that's always free of terror, after all. And Costas underscores that by talking about security at the games.

There must be times when Costas is regretting that promise to show EVERY country's delegation. He's grasping for interesting tidbits -- imagine, a country called ICEland has never won a Winter Olympics medal! I'd like to hear Williams explain more about party time in Reykjavik. ''It's dark most of the time,'' he says. ''Largest per-capita number of discos north of the equator ...''

So Iceland picked the music for the opening ceremonies!

Good hats on the Kazakhstan team.

Hey, what else do you want from me? People are walking and waving, and that's about all we've got. If Brian Williams can talk about partying in Iceland, I can talk about hats.

Excellent hats on Mongolia. Even Brian Williams is taking a break from political discourse long enough to mention them.

Let us note that the flag of Norway -- tops in Winter Games medals overall, says Costas -- is being carried by a curling athlete.

Costas is finally commenting on the music -- ''80s American pop tunes'' to his ears; it's DISCO. And a fair amount of it '70s, including ''YMCA,'' which gives Williams a chance to say ''gesticulation.''

Williams squeezed Bode Miller into the conversation again! He needs to relax. That reference to Pope John Paul II as a ''former, very proud skier'' was really strained.

The U.S. team enters. Waiting for it, waiting for it ... Michelle Kwan ... Michelle Kwan again ... waiting ... YES! Bode Miller! ''Perhaps you've heard of him,'' Costas jokes. And where would we have heard that, Bob?

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