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The Browns Make Their TV Move

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 3, 2006

Here's today's announcement:

"It is with great pleasure that I announce a new agreement between WKYC Channel 3 and the Cleveland Browns to broadcast the 2006 preseason games and local Browns programming," said WKYC President and General Manager Brooke Spectorsky. "This is very exciting for WKYC and Browns fans.

"Channel 3 will air preseason games beginning with the Browns at Philadelphia on Thursday, August 10, at 7:30 pm" continued Spectorsky. "WKYC will air the Pregame Huddle and post game show for each of the four preseason encounters as well as a Pregame at 11:30am on Sundays throughout the regular season. Channel 3’s Pregame programming will include radio voice of the Browns Jim Donovan, Doug Dieken and Tony Grossi. ‘The Point After’ will return for its second season on Monday nights at 7 pm. Donovan, Dieken, Grossi and former Cleveland Browns Coach Sam Rutigliano will be back to host. A new Browns program on Sunday nights will also air on WKYC following NFL on NBC starting Sept 10."

"This is a dream come true," added Donovan, "to have Browns back on WKYC for this year. Our entire sports team will be very busy delivering great coverage and outstanding production values. I have been with Channel 3 for more than twenty years, and can honestly say the station has never been in a stronger position to showcase the Browns and all Cleveland sports."

Cleveland Browns Vice President of Communications Bill Bonsiewicz added, "We are excited about our new broadcast partnership with Channel 3, which will deliver the preseason games to our fans.  The Browns have worked with WKYC before and know the level of quality they bring to all their local programming." (end announcement)

Channel 3 last had the Browns preseason games in 2004; they moved to Channel 19 the following year and would have continued there if Channel 19 hadn't ticked off Randy Lerner. As I said in my previous post (Woe For WOIO), I'm not a fan of the Browns, but neither am I a fan of businesses trying to muscle news operations. Now we'll have to see what happens if Channel 3's news offends anyone in the Browns family -- and we'll have to see if they'll risk causing offense.

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