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The Cavs, The Cone, The Commander, ''House'' and Other Notes

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 4, 2006

Last night ran late, due to some technical difficulties with the ''American Idol'' podcast (and thanks again to everyone who is tuning in the 'casts and to this blog) and then the Cavs going overtime, and I still have not gotten to ''Lost.'' So I'm in the cone of silence until I can catch up to it. (Well, mostly a cone of silence. I was just with a group of co-workers and one wanted to talk about a news report she had seen about last night's episode. I began screaming, ''NOOOOOOOOOOOO!'' She said she thought I saw all these shows a week ahead of everyone. Would that it were so.) I haven't seen Tuesday's ''Gilmore Girls'' yet either.

I did see pieces of ''Alias,'' but was sufficiently confused that I'm going to have go back later; I did see enough to be snarling about more Rambaldi nonsense, and to enjoy a bit of Jennifer Garner playing Anna-as-Sydney. Also may have to revisit '"The Amazing Race.'' I know how it turned out, and -- like many of you, I suspect -- marveled that BJ & Tyler were saved yet again by a non-elimination round. My paranoid little self wondered if this miracle of timing was designed to keep an entertaining team in the game.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers, I was delighted to see them pull out a win -- and in exciting fashion -- and not just because they're the home team. Although I didn't see all the game, what I saw included a lot of fawning commentary about Gilbert Arenas. So it was sweet to have LeBron James provide the grand finale.

The perils of stunt scheduling are on view below in the comments about my post on the ''House'' two-parter. Several people wrote in because they missed the second part, since it was scheduled outside ''House's'' usual time slot. Another blog reader provided a summary of the ending, and I have added a clarification to that explanation.

But all that back-and-forth just shows how a network can really mess up fans of a show by moving it to different time slots. In the House of Heldenfels, we keep missing ''Everwood'' because we forget that it has moved back to Mondays.

And speaking of looking for shows, if you're all set for ''Commander in Chief'' tonight, you should probably un-set. ABC has yanked the show -- which has suffered through producer shakeups, long hiatuses and a time slot change -- after it performed poorly in the ratings. I'm not a fan of the show. But when we look at why it performed badly, we also have to consider the producer shakeups, long hiatuses and time slot change.

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