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"The Closer" Season Finale

By admin Published: September 10, 2007

Spoilers and thoughts, after the jump...

Kyra on Closer

Well, the anticipated fight between Brenda and Fritz was a good one, and Fritz was allowed to give as good as he got. And just as they fought well, they loved well at the end, in a scene that reminded us both that Brenda/Kyra has a sexy side -- and that her love for chocolate is quite, well, passionate.

As for resolving the mystery at the end of the two-parter, it was OK. Lots of twists and turns, naturally, and Brenda still got her confessional moment, even if this one was not in the interrogation room. But I question those spots calling this "The Closer's" best season ever. This one was good in pieces, but still felt kind of spotty. Not enough of Brenda's parents, maybe. Or the way the budget issues were played more for comic relief than as a genuinely tough issue.

But I still enjoyed it. Enjoyed the sublime Ms. Sedgwick, of course, and JK Simmons (especially the look on his face when Brenda's folks dropped the wedding news on him), and the seemingly guileless but angle-seeing way Corey Reynolds played Gabriel, and the way it could ease into comedy even in the middle of grisly cases like the season finale's. Today, while talking to the Evergreens group at my church, I recalled how summers used to be rerun-land, and this one had a lot of pleasures -- "Flight of the Conchords" and "Mad Men" and "Saving Grace." And "The Closer."

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