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The Crimes of "CSI: Miami"

By admin Published: November 5, 2008


The show's 150th episode airs on Nov. 10, so CBS sent out a list of 150 crimes that the "CSI: Miami" team has had to deal with. Interestingly, not one involves dying of hysterical giggles when David Caruso tries to speak meaningfully. The list is after the jump.

The list:

1. Thrown from airplane
2. Shot by rivet
3. Shot and eaten by shark
4. Necklace bomb
5. Drugged, doused in cognac, sent over cliff in an SUV with a Molotov cocktail, and burned alive
6. Poisoned condom
7. Shot by sniper
8. Tortured with office supplies and hung from tree
9. Bled out by leeches
10. Ignited ingested gasoline with cell phone
11. Fell repeatedly and couldn't get up
12. Suffocated with carpet swatch
13. Poisoned with radioactive isotopes
14. Stabbed through a hole in peepshow booth
15. Drowned in houseboat toilet
16. Double cap to the head
17. Aneurysm induced by long bong hit
18. Burned and trampled in club fire
19. Stabbed with beer bottle
20. Beaten to death with pool cue
21. Stabbed with toothbrush shank
22. Drowned while having sex in a Canadian consulate pool
23. Harpooned in a docked boat
24. Letter bomb
25. Strangled and eaten by crocodile
26. Beaten with a 2x4 and kept alive by maggots
27. Stabbed with a screwdriver
28. Skewered on fence
29. Shot by hurricane-force winds
30. Picked up by vortex and drowned while windsurfing
31. Exothermic reaction at the Grand Prix
32. Suffocated during fake kidnapping
33. Heart attack while getting breast implants
34. Throat slashed and castrated
35. Smothered after high-speed chase
36. Suicide by three shots to the heart
37. Repeated head punching
38. Shot by dog
39. Self-inflicted axe wound
40. Shot and stuffed in trunk of stolen car
41. Carbon dioxide poisoning while flying an airplane
42. Stabbed with corkscrew
43. Stabbed by dyslexic killer
44. Strangled by porn stalker
45. Drive-by Miami style
46. Poisoned by GHB in sand trap
47. Pushed in front of bus
48. Pushed down elevator shaft
49. Hacked in head with meat clever
50. Scared to death
51. Beaten to death with tire iron
52. Center punch to the temple
53. Chained together and pushed off pirate ship
54. Crushed by falling cat burglar
55. Nitrous oxide overdose
56. Shoot out in ER
57. Shot in the chest by kid on a police ride-along
58. Anaphylactic shock caused by aspirin
59. Asphyxiated, swallowed and regurgitated by large boa constrictor
60. Nail file through eye
61. Stabbed in chest with fire shovel
62. Stabbed with machete
63. Burned in Everglades fire
64. Drowned in champagne
65. Hit over head with skateboard, electrocuted in a puddle and put in a runaway car
66. Shot by an 8-year-old boy
67. Smothered with pillow
68. Pushed off balcony
69. Hit on the head with a champagne bottle
70. Whacked with an axe
71. Bomb blast set off by vibrating subwoofer
72. Shot by guy in his mother's coffin
73. Jumped from burning boat into shark-infested waters
74. Stabbed to frame Horatio
75. Stabbed with turkey bone shank
76. Hit with towel rod, head smashed on headboard, pushed down stairs, put in trunk and neck snapped
77. Shot repeatedly with nail gun
78. Shot by video game enthusiasts during bank robbery
79. Shot by bounty hunter and crushed by drug dealer hiding in skylight
80. Toxic shock due to infected surgical wound
81. Shot by Mala Noche while dancing
82. Shot through the eyes and hanged off drawbridge
83. Strangled with mailman's belt
84. Stabbed and beaten by mob
85. Beaten with the butt of gun
86. Stabbed and dumped in lake that turned into a landfill
87. Shot and dumped in a clawfoot tub
88. Jumped off a bridge
89. Electrocuted by tanning lamp in bathtub
90. Mistaken for garbage and eaten by sharks
91. Strangled with binocular cord
92. Shot during courtroom escape
93. Blown up by grenade in barbecue
94. Stabbed in Rio
95. Disemboweled for muled drugs
96. Beaten with fireplace poker
97. Poisoned with cyanide-laced lip gloss
98. Heart attack in a sauna
99. Killed to win death pool
100. Stabbed with pocket knife
101. Bludgeoned and stuffed in suitcase
102. Beaten with golf club
103. Stabbed with pick axe
104. Strangled after photo shoot
105. Decapitated by high tension wire during street race
106. Stabbed with letter opener
107. Hit on head while dosed with Ketamine
108. Shot in Iraq by childhood friend
109. Shot with a blank
110. Stepped on landmine on the beach
111. Killed in courthouse from rocket launched from cement truck
112. Shot during gunmelt hijack
113. "Suicide By Horatio"
114. Stabbed with handheld hoe
115. Poisoned by 'Angel of Death' doctor
116. Mauled by bear
117. Asphyxiated during sex
118. Shot and impaled on ice sculpture
119. Scalped
120. Hanged with dental floss
121. Died in fire while trying to frame girlfriend’s stalker
122. Neck stomped on the high seas
123. Stabbed by Y-chromosome serial killer
124. Carbon monoxide poisoning during suicide pact
125. Arrow in the heart at swim meet
126. Stabbed and frozen in cryonic chamber
127. Garroted during solar eclipse
128. Model fried on electrified catwalk
129. Bomb detonated by cell phone
130. Internally decapitated
131. Stabbed with ceramic knife
132. Shot by vaporizer gun
133. Injected with air embolism
134. Duct taped to steering wheel and drowned in Everglades
135. Bled out and burned postmortem in makeshift fuming chamber
136. Shot by remote controlled gun at wedding after bullet ricocheted off diamond-encrusted veil
137. Poisoned by arsenic and shot
138. Pedophile shot twice in the groin
139. Shot and crushed by car falling into sinkhole
140. Jet skier killed by flagstone thrown off bridge
141. "SWATTED" by fake 911 call
142. Jumped to death from high rise to avoid being shot
143. Shot with fused alloy bullets
144. Horatio shot by ATF agent as a ruse
145. Doused with gasoline and lit on fire with cell phone stun gun
146. Stabbed with barber’s scissors
147. Cannibalized by Russian mafia
148. Kickboxed to death while defending boat slip
149. Blown up by bomb sewn into designer dress
150. Felled by runaway crane

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