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The Eve of Christmas Eve

By RD Heldenfels Published: December 23, 2005

My TV watching today consisted of some of the Cavs game (which they have won after a late scare) and the DVD of ''Love Actually,'' which felt appropriate to the occasion. I figure it's going to steadily climb the list of all-time great holiday movies. Maybe not as great as ''It's a Wonderful Life'' and ''A Christmas Story,'' but high in the standings nonetheless.

For a little bit, we considered an Alan-Rickman-Christmas-movie double feature, by following ''Love Actually'' with ''Die Hard.'' But it was getting late in the evening, and we -- meaning me, wife, son, stepdaughter -- were all pretty tired by then. The dogs and cats still had plenty of energy, but they don't decide when the lights go out.

It's a funny feeling, being tired when you have taken a day off. But not going to the office is not the same as being idle. There was a round of errands to run, including some last-minute gift shopping and grocery gathering (with the grocery store providing the closest thing to a madhouse today). I hit some dead ends along the way, and retraced a few steps, although everything worked out eventually. I had been searching the big stores for a couple of CDs but finally found them at Time Traveler. Should have gone there in the first place (and had to take my younger son's suggestion to go there.), since the folks are nice, the selection is good -- and one of the guys reads my blog, so we talked ''Nip/Tuck'' for a bit.

The best part of the day, though, came when we could finally sit, and relax, and talk, and joke. Family time at its best, and something that our various busy schedules haven't allowed for. Glad to have it now, and glad to anticipate more of it.

And, by the way, my stepdaughter -- whom I am renaming Target Demo -- gives a big thumbs up to ''Book of Daniel,'' too.

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