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"The Ex List": Never Mind

By admin Published: September 15, 2008

Elizabeth Reaser in "The Ex List"

A bummer behind the scenes.

I have watched this new CBS show twice in recent days, once on my own and once with the bride (because I wanted to get her opinion of it), and was getting to like the pilot very much. While the show is based on an Israeli TV series, I expect that some of my fondness for it had to do with the writing by Diane Ruggiero, who was also a major scripter for "Veronica Mars." In addition to having an unaffected way that has endeared her to reporters going back to her breakthrough, "That's Life," she has a real knack with dialogue.

In fact, the show was better on second viewing, as I picked up on more of the little bits she likes to toss out. (That said, I would be a lot more comfortable if the show hadn't sent me looking up a Prince Albert. Let's just say it's a piercing.) But just as I was thinking that this was a show I would be watching more, and that I might want to talk to Ruggiero, she departed the series. You can see why, and observe how many bridges she is burning, in Alan Sepinwall's column.

Sounds like a classic case of interference messing up a show.

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