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"The Office"

By admin Published: May 18, 2007

My buddy Sepinwall called this morning and it was a conversation filled with laughter, since we were talking about "The Office." (Spoilers, and some questions, after the jump)

So insanely fine was the episode that just thinking about it gave me the giggles -- and reminded me of all the delights. To wit:

Jan's enhancement and the office staff's reactions to it.

Creed's "blog." (There's an excerpt over at

The surprise phone call to Ryan, and his response to Kelly. (More about this directly.)

Jan in the car with Michael, from her complete emotional spin to the stretch-pants scenario. Must we wait until fall to see how this living arrangement goes?

Schrute bucks and Stanley nickels.

Angela's vision for Kelly.

Pam's face when Jim asked her to dinner.

Considering how wrong comedies can go when they stretch to an hour, this was a demonstration of how you do it right. That's especially good news with five "Office" hours due next season.

Now, the questions:

Did Karen get the corporate job? I know, corporate offered Ryan A job at the end but I don't think it was THE job. Anyone else feel the same way?

With THE job, it appeared they were ready to offer it to Jim. If he didn't get it, I would think Karen would be next in line. So is this the end of Karen?

Rashida Jones is signed to another show on Fox next season, so she may have wanted a graceful exit. But the Fox show, "The Rules for Starting Over," isn't set for air until Spring 2008 (although with the chaos in prime time that could end up meaning this October). It's possible that, if Karen didn't get the job, she could come back to Scranton for at least an episode or two of uncomfortable scenes with the now-dating Jim and Pam. Or so I would hope.

Also, isn't it time for Angela to start looking past Dwight? He's not exactly living up to her vision of strength and power.

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