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"The Office": Awww ... Hahahaha .... Awww .... Hahaha ... Aww

By admin Published: October 31, 2008


Sweet and sad, but also deeply funny and a little bit uncomfortable episode last night. More after the jump.


I understand that Amy Ryan has a career beyond "The Office" (she's in "Changeling," for one thing). But it still stings that not only did Holly have to break up with Michael, she had to move so doggone far away that there was no chance of them even running into each other again. Indeed, the whole thing about there not being a bed and breakfast halfway seemed to be a message to the audience that we weren't even going to get Jim-and-Pam-type reunions. As I said, I get all that. But a happy Michael, and the way Holly complemented him (having the same goofy side, demonstrated in her "first" monologue last night, but a little more sensible) made them, well, adorable. And I would have been delighted with, say, a scene where the happy Holly and Michael run into Jan. (One of the most effective things about last night's show was Michael's hysterical, funny-sad declaration about both getting back with and hating Jan.)

Of course, while all that was going on, we also had the great Dwight-Andy Cornell war, which played out perfectly -- although the best line may have been Meredith's about Cornell guys being so nice "they gave me a ride home." Of course, Andy would be infuriated, and of course Dwight would have known the name of the eighth president of Cornell. Even better was the way the show had all this play out between Andy and Dwight, while Angela just silently let the boys fight it out. Even the beet conflict was funny.

Now, that would have been enough for a good show, but "The Office" also threw in the Jim-Pam lunch, which was far more "The Office" as cringe-inducing, with the prank just not being funny. But it was interesting to see where Jim fit with his brothers, who are clearly more successful and buttoned-up. And I don't see the missing-ring gag as being any more amusing.

Well done.

On a not really related note, as I mentioned, Amy Ryan is in "Changeling." As reviewers have noted, its missing-child story has echoes in "Mystic River," which Clint Eastwood also directed, and which was based on a book by Dennis Lehane. And Lehane also wrote "Gone Baby Gone," directed by Ben Affleck, AND which featured Amy Ryan. (She got an Oscar nomination for that one.) I have no idea what that means. Just thought I would share.

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